um & Maker!


This print is a grid from a map of my hometown from 1869 (if you meet me I can show you where my apartment was) I added the upside down tree because most trees, at least the ones that last, have deeper roots than their branches can reach. This project was an attempt to visually merge the rigid ideas with the organic ideas of where I come from.


Right Field Strikes Back! (hehehe) I’m a huge baseball fan. Unfortunately, as a kid I sucked at playing the game. A lack of talent, coaching, being surrounded by horrible teammates? It really doesn’t matter. I did suck. I did love the game though. I also loved Star Wars ever since I saw Darth Vader walk through the blast cloud in Ep. 4. I made this print because I believe the “rebels” always have and will keep coming out of “right field”


This is a “suicide print” of Boba Fett. Yea, I mentioned that I”m a Star Wars fan. Feel free to ask me why it’s called a suicide print? (the block is there to show you) My main though making these few precious prints was, “If George Lucas sues me…that might be the best thing that could happen to me! I’ve got more to gain that lose, right?”

“Hold My Beer & Watch This”

What can I say? I learned to use a green screen. I learned to storyboard. Apparently I can act really badly. Get friends to help me do the same. Most importantly, I can put it all together in some kind of cohesive way. Oh! Wait, it’s also pretty funny if you have any sense of humor at all.

They say you have to have a “process video”

Well, here it is. It is what it is. I made a book, yup. At the time the feedback I was getting was, “You need an ending.” Yup, I made one of those too.

“Propagandhi Short” fan video

This video literally came from a sketch made during a particularly long baseball game. After the game was over I saw a green highlighter on the table, and there you have it. Just watch. It worked out.Oh yeah! I shot the footage of Propagandhi myself in Colorado Springs.


This video is personal for me. I was driving home to Denver from my Grandmother’s funeral in Missouri. I saw this awesome lightning storm on my way home. I shot around four to six hours of the storm. I had to drive back right then for an interview the next day. After that I spent the next twenty-seven hours straight starting this video, and only another few hours finishing it. I hope that maybe half of the love I felt making it can come through it when others see it? For the record I hated driving through Kansas so much, it was like a scene from a scary movie every time!