This is the illustration that was the focal point of my senior project, essay, and grad show exhibit. It is Satchel Paige in his very unique pitching form. My thesis subject was “ageism” and I chose Satchel Paige because of his poignant quotes like, “How old would you be if you don’t know how old you are?” I am a big baseball fan so it was easy to dig into this project.


This is a design I did for a sticker I made for self promotion. The idea is about viewing art and design work out in the real world. We all look at anything we see from our own perspective and understanding that perspective and hopefully being somewhat objective is the key to really seeing anything well. If you can stop for just a second and ask yourself what am I looking at? Then, maybe you could have some of that objectivity.


Doublewho, is a typeface I designed. It is based on an “S-biner” a multipurpose double sided carabiner. The resulting typeface is a nice condensed sans sarif typeface. It works best as a display font. I originally wanted to name it Condensed Milk, but that name was already taken.

Logo created for an anti-smoking campaign for Jefferson County Public Health in Colorado.


This is a poster made for the same anti-smoking campaign. The idea is that the graphic element says “DON’T” while actually using the word “DO” to incorporate an element of positivity into urging smokers to think about quitting.


“Type In Space” project

This was an installation and it originally had a melted puddle of wax to make it appear as if the “X” was melting into the floor. Unfortunately the wax broke when we moved it into the studio to photograph it properly. I guess you’ll have to take my word for it, it looked very cool.


This was a game I invented and created for a self-appointed group project about dealing with stress in healthy ways. It’s an interactive an rather unique solution to the question of how to deal with everyday issues. The color coded die determines what color card you draw and that card has in issue written on it some good and some not very good but all things that anyone would encounter on an everyday basis. The idea is that stuff happens, make a game out of it, and ultimately the goal is to just get through it. I tested it with other students outside of design and they loved it.


This is a three part poster set for a rebranding project for a tea house.

designbook1This is a book I wrote, designed, and hand crafted. It is called “Joe Bill” and is fiction but based on an actual person named Joe Bill. He was a patient at the JCRS tuberculosis treatment and the sanitorium where RMCAD’s campus is located now. I took information about who he was, where and when, then looked up what was happening in those places at those times and wrote a bit of historical fiction about who I though he might have been. Of course there is a grid, a design system, and appropriate images. Then I hand carved the type for the leather cover and pressed it.